Sunday, October 31, 2010

excited to go to school

These are my daughters school bags.  See the little Spongebob and Patrick backpack placed on top?  That's Gerard's school bag.  Well, he just likes to pretend that he's also going to school just like her sisters, so he prepares his little school bag, too.  He's got paper, notebooks (his sister's old notebooks) and pencils inside and sometimes, he puts cookies and crackers for snacks.  It shows that he's really excited to go to school.  He's only 3 years old,  so we'll probably have him start school next year or before he turns 5.  

Whenever his sisters and I would do their homeworks, he would also sit with us and bring his books or just doodle anything in paper.  He would pretend that he's doing homework, too.  Then after a few minutes, he would say, "Finish!"  That means, he's already done with his homework.  It would just crack us up! :)

Gerard likes to browse through books and look at pictures...

trying to read

And he's very eager to learn his ABC's and numbers...

learning numbers and letters

I, too, am excited for my little boy to start his journey to learning.  I know he'll do great and I know that he'll have lots of fun! :)

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