Friday, January 14, 2011

Mommy Moments: New Toys

mommy moments

My kids got more money last Christmas than toys so here are some of the toys they bought from their Christmas money:

Gwenevere's Hello Kitty My House

Gaby chose to buy a Bay Blade so that she can compete with her friends at school.  I didn't know that girls like playing with these kind of toys.

Gerard's remote control car
I just took a picture of their toys because they weren't cooperating when I asked to have their picture taken.  Kids! :)

What did your kids get last Christmas?  Share it with us at Mommy Moments! :)


  1. Those are nice toys. I feel for you, my kids are too excited to play with their toys rather than have their pictures. My entry is up too, Happy weekend :)

  2. Wow! My daughter Wroslie would be envious of the Hello Kitty stuff, she loves Hello Kitty. Bay Blade competition? hehehe, you will surprised with what kids do now adays. I am wondering why my 8 year old son is not fond of cars, he likes video games more.

  3. love the hello kitty play house. where did you buy that sis?

  4. Bigger kids would prefer receiving money as Christmas gifts so they can buy what they want. I love that Hello Kitty My House! Lovely! And wait 'til my son sees that RC car; he might ask his Dad to buy one for him, too. LOL!

  5. wow. their toys are very beautiful. :) Elijah had his own car with remote control too. :)

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  7. Great stuff! wow bay blade for a girl? hehehe..

    I know I am late but hope you can still peek at my Mommy Moment entry.

  8. Thanks for the visit and the comments, mga sisters! :)

    @rjsmama: we bought the Hello Kitty House sa mall lang. meron sa SM. there's even a playground and grocery. very cute talaga yung toy :)

  9. Kids talaga, mayayaman pag christmas! :)

  10. wow, nice toys, i like the hello kitty house! :D im sure my daughter would love it too!

  11. wow! that was a very cute Hello Kitty house! i like the mail box, lol!

  12. my daughter will surely love your hello kitty. really nice stuff.

    here's our post too.



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