Sunday, October 31, 2010

excited to go to school

These are my daughters school bags.  See the little Spongebob and Patrick backpack placed on top?  That's Gerard's school bag.  Well, he just likes to pretend that he's also going to school just like her sisters, so he prepares his little school bag, too.  He's got paper, notebooks (his sister's old notebooks) and pencils inside and sometimes, he puts cookies and crackers for snacks.  It shows that he's really excited to go to school.  He's only 3 years old,  so we'll probably have him start school next year or before he turns 5.  

Whenever his sisters and I would do their homeworks, he would also sit with us and bring his books or just doodle anything in paper.  He would pretend that he's doing homework, too.  Then after a few minutes, he would say, "Finish!"  That means, he's already done with his homework.  It would just crack us up! :)

Gerard likes to browse through books and look at pictures...

trying to read

And he's very eager to learn his ABC's and numbers...

learning numbers and letters

I, too, am excited for my little boy to start his journey to learning.  I know he'll do great and I know that he'll have lots of fun! :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

my talented dancers :)

Every parent’s pride is to watch their kids perform in school programs or plays, and I did get to be one of those proud parents who watched their kids showcase their talents.

Gwen on their school's Linggo ng Wika Presentation last year, 2009

This year was Gabrielle's turn to perform for Linggo ng Wika.  Every year, Linggo ng Wika performers not only perform for their school, but they also get to perform in malls.  Last year, Gwenevere's group danced at SM Muntinlupa and this year, Gabrielle performed at SM and also at Festival Mall in Alabang.

Gaby during this year's Linggo ng Wika Presentation in their school

Gwenevere participated in this year's United Nations celebration in their school. It's her first time to join for the United Nations program, so she was really excited about it.

Gwen wearing a Malaysian costume with sister Gaby

What costumes will they be wearing next year?  Well, like them, I'm also excited for next year's Linggo ng Wika and United Nations celebration and I'm hoping that they'll be chosen to participate in these programs again.  :)

Friday, October 29, 2010

my Girl Scouts

My daughters are now officially Girl Scouts! :)

Gwenevere on her Girl Scout Investiture, September 25, 2009
Gabrielle with her little brother on her Girl Scout Investiture, September 23, 2010

Aren't they pretty in their Girl Scout uniforms?
I didn't experience being a Girl Scout when I was still in grade school - being a Girl Scout back then was not a requirement, unlike today when every grade schooler automatically becomes a Girl/Boy scout.  So seeing my girls wearing these uniforms just made me happy.

Proud of you, babies! :)

birthday celebrations

I haven't updated this blog for quite some time now, so I'll start updating it with the birthdays of Gwen and Gerard.  Gwen turned 9 on October 16 and Gerard 3 on September 30.

Well, we didn't have a grand birthday party for the kids - we just cooked their favorite foods, like spaghetti and fried chicken and bought a birthday cake so they could make a wish and blow their candles.  
my little boy and ate Gwen

The day of Gerard's birthday was a bit sad, because it was the day that Gaby got admitted into the hospital because of asthma and pneumonia.  It was somehow severe than her previous asthma attack that's why the doctor advised that she be confined in the hospital.  My husband was the one who stayed in the hospital then we went home and still tried to celebrate my little boy's birthday.  Although I was a bit heart broken that day (because I felt sorry that Gerard was celebrating his birthday and we weren't complete in the family), I was  encouraged with the happiness my baby showed.  He was still beaming with smile and clapping and laughing while eagerly waiting to blow his birthday cake.

It was still my husband who gave the name for our "bunso" because I wanted to give him the privilege of naming his one and only son.  I know how proud and excited he is of finally having a baby boy, especially when we first learned through ultrasound that we're having a boy.  Of all my kiddos, he was the heaviest and I'd say the most painful one to deliver.  I had all my children through normal delivery, but it was only with Gerard that I had to have epidural because I was experiencing extremely painful contractions.  Then after 15 hours of labor, we finally have a cute little baby boy of our own. :)

With my eldest, it was me who gave her the name Gwenevere.  I've always been fascinated with King Arthur and her lady Guenevere, so I promised myself that I would name my daughter the queen's name.  But my mom didn't want that name for her "apo" because she thought she might grow up to be a mistress just like the owner of the name (because Guenevere was King Arthur's mistress, right?).   So what I did is that I just changed the spelling - changing u to w, just to ease her apprehension.  

Since it was my first time giving birth, I was nervous but excited, of course.  My blood pressure was 140/100 at that time, but thankful that I was able to go through with the safe normal delivery of my very pretty firstborn.  

Another fruitful year for my precious ones, and I know that the Lord will greatly bless them as they grow. :)
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