Friday, March 25, 2011

My Gwen is the Pinay Gwen Tennyson

I've posted a couple of times in my other blog, The All-around Mom, about my daughter, Gwen, winning the "Is There a Gwen in You?" contest from Cartoon Network Asia.  She was chosen as the Gwen Tennyson of the Philippines among the 3,500 participants who logged in and joined the contest.

She was selected as the winner December of last year, and she had her photo shoot a few weeks after we learned of the good news.  Then last month, the announcement of the winners were shown at the Cartoon Network channel, website and was also published on the Inquirer.  Then a few weeks ago, I received an e-mail from Cartoon Network Asia that Manila Bulletin was interested to feature my daughter, and yesterday she was featured at the entertainment section of the Manila Bulletin (in print and online).

news article at the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Feb. 20, 2011 

winners announced at the website
some of her pictures online
news article at Manila Bulletin, March 24, 2011
I'm really happy for and proud of my daughter.  I do hope and pray that new opportunities will come along her way right after this blessing that was given to her.

More power to you, Gwen! :)

They're now in Facebook

My kids now have an account in Facebook.  Well, I know I shared in my other blog last year my reasons of why I don't allow them to have Facebook accounts just yet, but I just thought that I'm keeping them in the dark by not letting them know how to use these tools.  I thought that at least if I teach them early on how to use and navigate these online tools, such as these social networking sites, they'd know how to be responsible users, and of course, they would have something to share with their friends.  I'm a soft-hearted mom, and when my daughter shared that when their friends are talking about Facebook, they couldn't share anything in the conversation because they don't have one, and I know how it feels to not belong.  I realized I can't control them being a part of the modern world, so I agreed to, finally, creating their Facebook accounts.

Of course, they were really happy that they could finally chat with their friends and play games in Facebook.  I just made sure to set their privacy settings to be viewed by only those that they know and that they're really friends with just to keep them safe.  

For now, they're sharing one account, but probably by next year, I'd allow my 2 girls to have their own Facebook accounts.  I'm sure they'd love that even more. :)

Mommy Moments: White

mommy moments

We're joining Mommy Moments this week, and our theme for this Friday is White.  

Here's a picture of my 3 kiddos wearing white.  This was taken a a couple of years ago during Gaby's pre-school graduation.  The one carrying my little boy is my dad.

Click on the badge above for more of the white entries this week.  Happy Mommy Moments everyone! :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

School's over...hello summer! :)

My girls had been very excited since yesterday for the Farewell Party they had in school today.  They were excited to share the pizza we bought and of course, they're very happy that, at last, it's summer break!  It means that they now get to have never-ending hours of playtime and also have a few months rest from waking up early.   I know they'd miss their friends, but I'm sure they're more happy now that they're done with the school year.  Here are some of the awards my girls got in school today:

Very proud of my beauties! :)

As for my little boy, the 3-week Early Exploration program he joined in ended a couple of weeks ago, so he's been on vacation for quite some time now. Lol!  They didn't have any program during their last day of school, so my Dad and I just took my kids to a nearby mall and ate at their fave fastfood and played at their favorite game arcade.  He surely had fun! 

They'll be moving on to new levels next school year with new challenges and new learnings.  But for now, they're just going to have fun and enjoy summer. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Mommy Moments: Green

mommy moments

Joining Mommy Moments once again and for this week, the theme is Green.  I believe I've already shared these pictures here on my kids' blog, but am sharing these again for this meme.

Taken during my daughters' Girl Scout Investiture

a picture of my kids (with patches of green on the background) during our visit at Active Fun in SM North Edsa
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