Tuesday, August 3, 2010

my little pilot

image from toddlerappoved.blogspot.com

Gerard would always be the first to spot a flying airplane.  He loves airplanes, and he likes to become a pilot one day.  It was her sisters who asked him that question: "Gusto mo ba maging pilot paglaki mo? (Do you want to become a pilot when you grow up?)" And he said, "Opo (Yes)."  And everytime we're out, his gaze would always be up in the sky, trying to spot a flying airplane and would eagerly tell me when he sees one.  It's so amazing that at his age, he already knows what he wants to be when he grows up.  We'll he'd probably change his mind as he grows and learn new things.  But for now, everytime he's asked with the same question, he'd still answer a happy 'Yes!'

Whatever it is that you want to become when you grow up, mommy will be here to support you always.  I love you, baby :)

Monday, August 2, 2010

future fashion designer

Gwenevere was only 6 years old when I first saw her like for fashion.  It was after taking a bath, when she "artistically" wrapped the towel around her, forming it into like a backless dress.  She would always do that to her towel and pretend to be wearing all sorts of dresses.  She'd always say, "When I grow up, mommy, I will design all sorts of beautiful dresses and use the money I would earn to help other people."  Gwen also loves to look at magazines with pretty clothes and would also draw her own styles.  She now keeps drawings of her collections and I always encourage her to keep those drawings, to look at it everyday and visualize as if she's already a fashion designer.  Most of all, I always tell her to pray for her dream to come true.

Never give up on your dream, Gwen!  You're going to be a famous fashion designer when you grow up :)

my cute little Gaby turns 7!

Gaby just turned a year old yesterday, August 1.  It just all seems like yesterday when I gave birth to her.  We were already at the hospital on the afternoon of July 31st waiting for her to come.  After 9 months and a long and painful 13-hour labor, Gabrielle finally came.  She was such a cute little bundle of joy!  Since I got the privilege of naming our first child, it was my husband's turn of giving our second child a name, and he thought of the name "Gabrielle" meaning "God is our strength."

Gaby, you are truly God's gift to us and I will forever bless the day when you came into this world and I become your mom.  Happy 7th Birthday, baby! I love you :)
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