Friday, January 28, 2011

Mommy Moments: New Family Photo

It's Mommy Moments time once again and this week, moms get to share their most recent family photo.  And here's ours:

me, hubby and my happy little bunchkins :)
This was taken when we went to Enchanted Kingdom on the first day of this year.  My family visits EK every New Year to just hang-out, have fun and watch the awesome fireworks.  :)

mommy moments

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our weekend bonding moment

My kids and I had a coloring-bonding activity today, and they really enjoyed our simple bonding activity coloring the pages I printed.  This was the activity I mentioned last week on one of my posts but we weren't able to do it.  So after they had their bath and before eating our lunch, we had our coloring session. :)

My little boy just drew a lot of circles on his coloring!  The last picture is the one I colored - what do you think of it?  My girls did a great job on their coloring pages!  

I truly enjoyed this bonding activity with my children - we all did! And we're going to do more coloring and painting activities every week, so we'll share them to you. :)

their Birthday gifts to me

Kids are very thoughtful in their own little way, and I was very happy with the gifts I received from them yesterday.  They were simple birthday cards that they made, and it's such a warm feeling to receive these cards from my precious ones.  Gwen made the card from Gerard so that my little boy would hand something to me.  So thoughtful! And Gaby made her own unique birthday card for me. Such a sweetie! :)

Love you, babies! :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

my little savers :)

My kids were finally able to open a savings account.  I've always wanted to do this for my kids, but every time they get money during Christmas, they just end up buying toys and other things they want.  Well, I can't blame them.  But I am thankful that this year - after all my "lectures" on saving (lol!) - my 2 girls finally gave in and decided to save the money they got in the bank.  Well, my little boy has no choice because I have his money (lol!).  And with monthly help from their Dad, they'd start building up their savings.

my girls are now proud savers! :)

still had to take that picture even though he's sucking his thumb (lol!)
We really want to train our kids to be more of savers than spenders.  And having their own savings account is a good start. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: baby pics

My little boy is already growing up, and I kind of miss his sweet and cute little baby size.  Well, he's still sweet and cute, but he's getting big already.  So I'm posting these pics of us on some of our moments together at home (when we no longer what to do next. lol!):

Got pictures of you and your lovely kids to share?  Hop on over to the home of Mommy and Me Monday and share it with us. :)

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Story Time!

My kids are really happy when the weekend arrives.  My 2 girls have no school and my little boy has other playmates other than me (lol!).  After breakfast and before they went out to play, I had them read some of the  free interactive storybooks at Story Time for Me.  It was amusing to see the story book characters move, and that's what my kids like most of these online books.

my kids (well, just their heads. lol!) while reading one of the story books.

I wouldn't have the computer all to myself now, since they will be reading some more of the stories and I know my little boy would love to repeat them over and over again.  I guess that's okay - it'll take them off playing their Nintendo DS for a while. :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mommy Moments: New Toys

mommy moments

My kids got more money last Christmas than toys so here are some of the toys they bought from their Christmas money:

Gwenevere's Hello Kitty My House

Gaby chose to buy a Bay Blade so that she can compete with her friends at school.  I didn't know that girls like playing with these kind of toys.

Gerard's remote control car
I just took a picture of their toys because they weren't cooperating when I asked to have their picture taken.  Kids! :)

What did your kids get last Christmas?  Share it with us at Mommy Moments! :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just love our new blog design! :)

I just can't get enough of our new scrapbook-themed blog design.  Every time I log in, this blog is the first thing that I look at.  I'm so happy with how my friend, Grace, designed my children's blog - it's very simple yet very pretty. Just perfect for my precious little ones. :)

If it's you're first time to visit this blog, here's a before and after look of it:
the "before" blog template
...and here is the new and improved God's Precious Gifts! :)

So what do you think of our blog makeover?  Did you like it?  My daughters just loved their new blog design - even my little boy couldn't help but say "wow!"  

We'd love to hear what you guys think! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

We're joining Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 2

I'm listing my kids' blog on the 2nd week of Weekend Blog Follower Caravan #2 at Pinay Mommy Bloggers.  If you're interested in following babies and kids blog, then you're more than welcome to follow us! :)

I'm also inviting all the mommies and even daddy bloggers to join us this week to meet new online friends.  Everybody's welcome to join the blog hop fun! :)

Here's where you can see more of me - follow me here, too. :)

Happy Weekend! :)

Mommy Moments: New Goals

Happy Friday, mommies and friends!  So how do you like our new blog design?  I hope you like it :)

It's the first Mommy Moments for the year and the theme for the week is all about goals.  Aside from my goal of teaching financial literacy to my children this year, it is also my goal as a mom to teach my children the value of being thankful by sitting down with them once a week to write down the blessings that we have received for the week that we are thankful for.  I have shared on my Getting Ready for the New Year post on my other blog the journals I bought for me and my girls that would serve as our gratitude journal and journal of dreams.  Well, my little boy will not be able to participate in this weekly activity, so we'll have an arts and crafts activity every week.

It is also my goal to have more bonding moments with my children, so there'll be more story telling time. And right now, I have already started having a daily devotional time, wherein I share God's Word with them.

So there you have it.  Those are my mommy goals to strengthen my relationship with my children.  Share with us your goals this new year by hopping on over to Mommy Chris' blog.  Have a great weekend, everyone! :)

mommy moments

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We're going to have a new look! :)

Because I so loved the new blog design on one of my blogs, the All-around Mom, I decided to give this blog of my kids a makeover, too.  It will be up within this week, so just watch out for our new, scrapbook-themed blog design.  It's so nice I can't wait for it to be live on this blog! :)

For the meantime, here's a teaser: check out our new blog button below. :)

Monday, January 3, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: New Year!

Happy Monday!  It's my first time to join this fun meme for moms and kids, and I'm so glad I found it because I just love sharing my photos with my kids. :)

Here are pictures of me and my girls when we spent the first day of the new year at an amusement park.

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn

Sunday, January 2, 2011

happy jump shots! :)

Happy New Year!

I do hope you all had a wonderful New Year's celebration with your family.  We did have a great time on New Year's eve and had fun spending our first day of 2011 at an amusement park.  Here are some of my kids' whacky pictures showing their jump for joy!

Couldn't you tell that they just had a lot of fun?  It was exhausting, but we all had fun spending the first day of 2011. :)

Here's wishing that you all have a wonderful and happy 2011 - a year that will always make you jump for joy! :)
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