Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gerard's 2nd week at school

Next week will be the last week of my little boy's fun and learning at school.  I'm thankful that he's always excited and eager to go to school.  Even though it was really hard for me not to get any afternoon naps every day, I was happy to be with my son at school.

Well, we weren't allowed to peek inside the classroom, so I didn't get a chance to see my little boy in action, but whenever he comes out of the classroom, he was always all smiles and very eager to show me the activity paper they did for the day, and he was always pointing to the stars stamped on his paper and on his hand.  And of course, I always give him a big hug and kiss! :)

I'm so happy for you, Gerard!  Keep on learning and having fun! :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

New toys for my girls

As a reward for my daughters' good performance in school this 3rd grading period, I bought them new toys.  After we bought the Hello Kitty My House early this year, I promised that I'll be buying them the other play sets like the grocery, cafeteria, etc.  When I got my sales commission on Thursday, I bought them what I promised.

My Melody My Home

My Melody Supermarket

They're really cute and my girls and I totally enjoy playing with these little toys.

Here's our little village for now:

Our next target is to buy the cafe terrace and playground.  That would add more fun to our play time! :)

Gwen's first baby bra!

I'm just excited to share that my daughter, Gwen, has now started to wear a baby bra.  I just bought a couple of baby bras for her to try because I know she'd have an uneasy feeling wearing a bra at first, just like I did when I first wore a bra.  She had been asking her dad to buy her a baby bra a few weeks back and so she was thrilled to open the shopping bag on Thursday with the 2 baby bras I bought her.

Well, she had muttered a couple of complaints that the bra is itchy and that she's feeling a bit weird wearing one, but I just told her she'd get used to it.  When she's comfortable wearing a bra, I'll be buying her more and she'd stop wearing the sando-type ones.

I now have a teen in the making! :)

Gerard's 1st week in school

My little boy started attending the "Early Exploration" program last week at my daughters' school.  The program started on Tuesday, Feb. 15, and my little boy was really excited to go to school that day.  He had his little bag prepared with crayons, small toys and snacks.  It was an all-out family support for my little boy on his first school day, that's why my Dad and my girls went to school with me - well, minus the hubby since he's still at work.  We were all excited to see him enjoy being at school.

There were about 5 or 6 kids that cried when the parents were asked to leave the classroom and there was even this little boy who started crying even before they were inside the room.  It was a good thing that my little boy didn't cry or showed even a little sign that he was afraid to be left alone with the teachers.  It shows that he's really happy to be at school and very eager to have fun. He was all smiles when he left the room on his first school day! :)

Well, yesterday he didn't go to school because he didn't want to.  I didn't want to force him if he's not interested to go but he said he'll go to school on Monday and promised that he won't be absent anymore.  Well, we'll see what happens next week. ;)

Here's the very first star he got in school last week:

I'm proud of you, Gerard! :)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Our art weekend: Clay Sculptures

I've made it a point to spend Saturdays with the kids either playing with them or doing art stuff, if we're not going out.  This afternoon, my kiddos created pieces of clay art, which were miniature versions of things like slippers, flower, hotdog sandwich, tea cup and fruit basket.  We were playing restaurant earlier - they were making food using the clay and I was their customer who'd order food - then I thought that this would be a great art moment with my kids: to do little clay sculptures.

Hope you liked it! :)

Mommy Moments: Dear Baby

Dearest Gwenevere, Gabrielle and Gerard,

It just seems like yesterday when you were still cute little newborns and I held you in my arms.  I am so thankful that God chose me to be your mom and bringing you into this world is the greatest achievement I ever had in my life.

Always remember that I love you so much and God loves you more, so love Him above all and put your faith and trust in Him...always.  Dream big not only for yourself but also for others.  Use your God-given talents not as something to boast about, but use them to bring glory to God.  Always believe in yourself and in your dreams.  And whatever it is that you want to achieve and have in life, I'm always here to guide and cheer for you.  Remember that I'm your biggest fan. *wink*

 I am so proud of you all! Love you lots!:)


mommy moments

Gifts from the heart

Valentine's Day is only a couple of days away and my kids had already given their simple, hand-made yet very lovely gifts to me.

Hearts from red paper clips.....

.....and my girls' Valentine Cards :)

They made this at school and Gwenevere even got a perfect score for this card that she made. I just love it when my kids give me these simple tokens of love. :)

I love you, my angels!  Happy Valentine's Day! :)

our fun weekend :)

Last weekend was a busy and fun-filled one for my precious kiddos. My kids and I spent our Saturday at Active Fun in SM North Edsa.  I purchased the vouchers that we used at the groupon site Ensogo Phils.  I did the purchase online last year and I almost forgot to use the vouchers.  My kids had a blast playing with the toys around, jumping at the trampoline and riding the slide.  We planned on staying there the whole day and just let my kids enjoy, but their Dad had been texting me and asking us to go to his office so that we could all go home together.  We already ate lunch a little bit late because I didn't want to disturb my kids in the middle of their play.

Then on Sunday, after going to church and visiting hubby's aunt, we stopped by the Manila Bay for a few minutes and had ice cream.  Well, it was hubby's way of cheering me up after I got disappointed of not being able to attend the event at the Podium.  We were already late so I decided not to go.  Anyways, I got to spend time with my family while enjoying ice cream and the beautiful scenery so it was somehow okay.

I do hope we could spend more family times like these.  These moments bring such joy to my heart. :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: family day

My family and I went swimming on Sunday with hubby's friends and their family, too.  They're always excited for swimming time and was very eager to jump to the pool when we arrived at Splash Mountain.  We were near the kiddie pool area, which was nice because the pool was really shallow and perfect for my little boy, but my girls wanted a little bit of challenge so they went to another swimming pool with the other kids.  And here's our picture at the resort:

We went to a place where they cook exotic foods (well, I didn't eat any of the weird food they serve! I had chicken for dinner) after swimming, and I took this picture of my little boy giving me a kiss.  Such a sweetie! :)

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