Saturday, May 21, 2011

CPKids Summer Art Workshop

California Pizza Kitchen hosted a free art workshop for kids and today, it was scheduled at the Alabang Town Center branch.  With the theme "Under the Sea", the participating kids were taught to make a tempera resist collage out of the sea creatures they drew.  The tempera resist collage was done by applying watercolor paint to the finished artwork that was colored with an oil pastel.


It was a great experience for my children to do this artwork as well as join other kids in sharing their creativity.

Swimming time again!

My kids, especially my 2 girls, are making the most out of their summer break before school starts.  Well, our plans of having an out of town summer vacation won't push through because hubby's company wasn't successful in getting the bid for a project.  Well, I guess God has a better plan for us.  Anyways, so my kids just settled swimming in an inflatable pool. (Lol!)

Their friend (and our neighbor) was kind enough to invite them a couple of days ago to spend the whole morning swimming in their inflatable pool which they really enjoyed.  I was inside the house, kind of busy with the household chores, but I could clearly hear the laughter and joyful shrieks of my kids, especially of my little boy, enjoying every splash of water.  It was really a perfect opportunity for them to have fun with their friends and cool down in this very hot summer weather.  And I am happy that they had a great time. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our new favorite: "How to Believe" from Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue

One of our favorite bonding moments is watching movies.  My kids and I watch their favorite cartoon movies almost everyday and some that we've already watched for the nth time.  Well, it does get into my nerves sometime when they're watching the same film over and over again, but that's how my kids are - when they love it, they will repeatedly watch it.  And if it makes them happy, well, I'm not going to be a killjoy mom.

This year, they found a new favorite movie and song: "How To Believe" from the movie Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue.  Honestly, I love this movie and song, too. :)

Mother's Day Message from my Precious ones :)

Whenever there are special occasions, my kids always remember to make greeting cards for me.  Well, a day before Mother's Day, they asked money from me to buy paper but they wouldn't say what they'd use it for.  Of course I know that they're going to make greeting cards for me, but I just pretended that I had no idea.  They each had cards prepared for me (my eldest Gwen made the card from my little boy), which pretty much has the same message:

Thank you Mommy for taking care of us.  We're sorry for all the bad things we did.  We hope that you'll always be caring and loving to us.  Happy Mother's Day, Mom!  We love you. :)

Thank you, my babies, for making Mother's Day and everyday special to me.  I love you all! :)
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