Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Gerard enjoyed his 2nd visit to MAMS Kiddie Funland!

After listening to the helpful talks at the SUMMER SIGLA event at MAMS Kiddie Funland last weekend, my son enjoyed unlimited play time at the Fun Factory.  Unlike on our first visit, he was alone this time that we re-visited MAMS Kiddie Funland, because his sisters were away on vacation, but I'm sure that he still enjoyed playing and bouncing and throwing the little colored balls all over the place (Lol!).

After playing and changing his shirt, he headed to the train which is one of the rides he loves.  Then after playing, it was time to feed my hungry little boy so we went to his favorite (and every kids' favorite) fast food for a his favorite burger and fries.

I got me a happy and satisfied toddler last weekend! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Mommy Moments: Summer Plans

mommy moments

It's already been a few weeks since summer vacation started.  Well, we actually don't have big plans this summer because we usually spend time at hubby's hometown to visit my in-laws.  My daughters are already there with their grandparents, but the little boy is here with me since he wants to be with mommy all the time (he's very close to me).  My girls already went swimming with their relatives last weekend, and we also went to hubby's company outing last weekend, which my son really enjoyed. :)

Well, I'm looking forward to a vacation for our family that hubby's boss promised once he gets the project they're bidding on, which is either to Bohol or Hongkong Disneyland.  Woohoo!! :)

These are 2 of the places I would love our family to visit, especially this summer, so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed and would definitely do a lot of praying this weekend so that we could have the chance to go out of town and bond and have fun together as a family. :)
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