Tuesday, July 27, 2010

a good role model

When my eldest daughter, Gwenevere, came home from school, she proudly narrated how she had been a good example to her classmates today.  They were given a piece that they needed to memorize for the their Elocution Contest for the Linggo ng Wika.  She was able to memorize it last night after finishing all her homework.  They were asked this morning by their teacher if they had already memorized even a part of the elocution piece.  My daughter was the only one in her class who had memorized the piece as she was the only one who raised her hand.  In front of the whole class, her teacher said that she was a good example and a responsible student.  I can see from her eyes that what she experienced in class today and what she heard from her teacher inspired her even more to do better in school and to always be on top.

I'm proud of you, Gwen! Mommy loves you :)


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