Friday, July 30, 2010

you always make me smile :)

God really knows what we need in life.  He knew that I needed someone in my life like Gerard.  He's my 2 year old little boy, the baby in the family.  Sure he can be a pain sometimes (it's a toddler thing! :) ), but he knows how to make me smile and laugh my heart out.  He does a lot of "extraordinary" things that you'd think a 2 year old would not do.   The way he imitates others speech or action is just so funny.  Because he still can't pronounce some of the letters or words correctly, what he'd say might sound different so it would just crack us all up.   He's very sweet and loving - would kiss and hug me often and would pick flowers from outside to give it to me.  Such a sweetie!  Even when I'm on the verge of blowing up because of something he did, he would find a way to make me smile.  

Thank you, Lord, for bringing Gerard into my life.  I love you baby for making me and all of us laugh and smile!


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