Friday, March 25, 2011

They're now in Facebook

My kids now have an account in Facebook.  Well, I know I shared in my other blog last year my reasons of why I don't allow them to have Facebook accounts just yet, but I just thought that I'm keeping them in the dark by not letting them know how to use these tools.  I thought that at least if I teach them early on how to use and navigate these online tools, such as these social networking sites, they'd know how to be responsible users, and of course, they would have something to share with their friends.  I'm a soft-hearted mom, and when my daughter shared that when their friends are talking about Facebook, they couldn't share anything in the conversation because they don't have one, and I know how it feels to not belong.  I realized I can't control them being a part of the modern world, so I agreed to, finally, creating their Facebook accounts.

Of course, they were really happy that they could finally chat with their friends and play games in Facebook.  I just made sure to set their privacy settings to be viewed by only those that they know and that they're really friends with just to keep them safe.  

For now, they're sharing one account, but probably by next year, I'd allow my 2 girls to have their own Facebook accounts.  I'm sure they'd love that even more. :)


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