Saturday, May 21, 2011

Swimming time again!

My kids, especially my 2 girls, are making the most out of their summer break before school starts.  Well, our plans of having an out of town summer vacation won't push through because hubby's company wasn't successful in getting the bid for a project.  Well, I guess God has a better plan for us.  Anyways, so my kids just settled swimming in an inflatable pool. (Lol!)

Their friend (and our neighbor) was kind enough to invite them a couple of days ago to spend the whole morning swimming in their inflatable pool which they really enjoyed.  I was inside the house, kind of busy with the household chores, but I could clearly hear the laughter and joyful shrieks of my kids, especially of my little boy, enjoying every splash of water.  It was really a perfect opportunity for them to have fun with their friends and cool down in this very hot summer weather.  And I am happy that they had a great time. :)


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