Friday, December 17, 2010

Mommy Moments: Give Love on Christmas Day

It's Friday once again, and time for Mommy Moments.  This week, mommies will get to share what gifts they’re planning to give to their kids this Christmas.

For my little boy, he already got his Christmas toy early.  He loves airplanes and helicopters and dreams of being a pilot when he grows up (well, for now that’s what he wants) and so when he saw this toy helicopter at the mall, he didn’t let go of it. :)  This is actually his second toy helicopter.  He has one of those helicopter thingys that fly with a remote control but he just plays it with his Dad and grandpa because he still doesn’t know how to navigate these kinds of toys.

For my girls, Gaby wants to have her own PSP and Gwen, being a Barbie fan, wants to own a toy laptop.  I don’t know how their Dad would be able to buy them these toys, but I just say to them to have faith…lots of it. :)

Whether we buy our kids the toys or things they want or not, we’re thankful that they understand when I explain why we couldn’t give it to them yet.  I also tell them that compared to other kids, they’re still fortunate that they’re able to go to a good school and still have things that they need in order to live and grow well.  And that’s enough for them to understand. :)

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  1. That's good that you are keeping your kiddos's wants in control. Your kids are so proud to have your as their Mom. Merry Christmas!

  2. You have pretty and handsome kids. I like their personal pick for toys but like you said as much as we want them to give what they want, we still have to consider the prices. How come toys can be that expensive ha eh sisirain lng naman hehe. That barbie lappy is really cute though

    You may view mine here Give love on Chrixtmas day

  3. good job mommy! it seems that you are able to raise your kids well. sometimes with so much commercialism, it is hard to teach our kids ...

    merry Christmas!


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