Tuesday, December 21, 2010

she's a star!

I've already shared in my other blog about my daughter winning a contest from Cartoon Network Asia and about the photo shoot she had on Sunday.  Gwen really had a great time last Sunday, although I can tell she was a bit tired from all the poses and never-ending smiles she did for the pictures, but still having this experience was a dream come true for her.

She won a lot of cool stuff for winning the contest, which she shared with her sister, and was very happy with the Nintendo DS Lite she got.  The merchandise she got are not yet available here in the Philippines, so she's very happy and proud that she's the only one here in the Philippines who has those cool stuff.

Being her mom, of course, I'm very happy and proud for the blessings she received.  I hope that this would open more opportunities for her in modeling.

Congratulations, Gwen!  Mommy loves you and I'm so proud of you! :)


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