Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gerard's 1st week in school

My little boy started attending the "Early Exploration" program last week at my daughters' school.  The program started on Tuesday, Feb. 15, and my little boy was really excited to go to school that day.  He had his little bag prepared with crayons, small toys and snacks.  It was an all-out family support for my little boy on his first school day, that's why my Dad and my girls went to school with me - well, minus the hubby since he's still at work.  We were all excited to see him enjoy being at school.

There were about 5 or 6 kids that cried when the parents were asked to leave the classroom and there was even this little boy who started crying even before they were inside the room.  It was a good thing that my little boy didn't cry or showed even a little sign that he was afraid to be left alone with the teachers.  It shows that he's really happy to be at school and very eager to have fun. He was all smiles when he left the room on his first school day! :)

Well, yesterday he didn't go to school because he didn't want to.  I didn't want to force him if he's not interested to go but he said he'll go to school on Monday and promised that he won't be absent anymore.  Well, we'll see what happens next week. ;)

Here's the very first star he got in school last week:

I'm proud of you, Gerard! :)

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  1. Your boy is a cutie.

    By the way, im your 26th follower. pls follow back. thanks :)


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