Saturday, February 19, 2011

Gwen's first baby bra!

I'm just excited to share that my daughter, Gwen, has now started to wear a baby bra.  I just bought a couple of baby bras for her to try because I know she'd have an uneasy feeling wearing a bra at first, just like I did when I first wore a bra.  She had been asking her dad to buy her a baby bra a few weeks back and so she was thrilled to open the shopping bag on Thursday with the 2 baby bras I bought her.

Well, she had muttered a couple of complaints that the bra is itchy and that she's feeling a bit weird wearing one, but I just told her she'd get used to it.  When she's comfortable wearing a bra, I'll be buying her more and she'd stop wearing the sando-type ones.

I now have a teen in the making! :)


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