Friday, March 18, 2011

School's over...hello summer! :)

My girls had been very excited since yesterday for the Farewell Party they had in school today.  They were excited to share the pizza we bought and of course, they're very happy that, at last, it's summer break!  It means that they now get to have never-ending hours of playtime and also have a few months rest from waking up early.   I know they'd miss their friends, but I'm sure they're more happy now that they're done with the school year.  Here are some of the awards my girls got in school today:

Very proud of my beauties! :)

As for my little boy, the 3-week Early Exploration program he joined in ended a couple of weeks ago, so he's been on vacation for quite some time now. Lol!  They didn't have any program during their last day of school, so my Dad and I just took my kids to a nearby mall and ate at their fave fastfood and played at their favorite game arcade.  He surely had fun! 

They'll be moving on to new levels next school year with new challenges and new learnings.  But for now, they're just going to have fun and enjoy summer. :)


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