Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our weekend bonding moment

My kids and I had a coloring-bonding activity today, and they really enjoyed our simple bonding activity coloring the pages I printed.  This was the activity I mentioned last week on one of my posts but we weren't able to do it.  So after they had their bath and before eating our lunch, we had our coloring session. :)

My little boy just drew a lot of circles on his coloring!  The last picture is the one I colored - what do you think of it?  My girls did a great job on their coloring pages!  

I truly enjoyed this bonding activity with my children - we all did! And we're going to do more coloring and painting activities every week, so we'll share them to you. :)


  1. My boys bonding moment is to play school, eldest is the teacher and youngest is the student. :)

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  2. Ganda ng bonding moment ninyo very educational. babait ng mga anak mo mommy. vititing here pala through TBE

  3. oh.. that's so sweet. you just gave me an idea on how to spend the weekend with my kids..

  4. very sweet... ^_^

    we'll also try this coloring-bonding activity with my son..

    Followed you mommy..
    please follow me back too..



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