Monday, January 17, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: baby pics

My little boy is already growing up, and I kind of miss his sweet and cute little baby size.  Well, he's still sweet and cute, but he's getting big already.  So I'm posting these pics of us on some of our moments together at home (when we no longer what to do next. lol!):

Got pictures of you and your lovely kids to share?  Hop on over to the home of Mommy and Me Monday and share it with us. :)

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  1. Nakakamiss ang maliit na baby ano, yung may umiiyak at the middle of the night at tumawa sa isang peek a boo mo lng hehe. Ganda ng buzz cut ng baby mo mommy trish. Mine is here

  2. true, they're growing up so fast... pwede bang huwag na lang silang lumaki??? lols!
    next thing we know, they wanted to go out with their barkada na and not us. hayy!
    anyway, happy monday! here's our MMM entry!

  3. We always want to have quality times with our kids. so take pictures whenever we have time! :)

    you can view my post here:

  4. wow cutie baby!

    happy monday mommy trish..

  5. He is such a cutie, visiting here through Bloggers Exchange

  6. Ako rin, I sometimes miss my babies, when I told my son that he is always my baby, he said, "I'm not a baby anymore,mommy, I'm FIVE!" lol!

    Visiting thru The Bloggers Exchange

  7. i could relate to this a lot. Where's the PAUSE BUTTON please?! ;)


  8. Sweet moments of mommy and little guy.

    Adin B

  9. Hello,

    Thanks for the comment. It makes me feel good when I heard those words from my son. We are blessed to have our wonderful kids.

  10. How totally adorable. You are so right that they grow up fast, mine are all grown up. But they will always be your babies.

  11. He is so cute. With or without hair.

    Hopping from TBE!

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    fashionista in me
    healthy lifestyle

  12. So cute...why do they keep growing?

  13. Cute pictures you got! Visiting from TBE too and i followed you...

    Daily Snippets

  14. I hear you mommy trish... I know the feeling...
    your little boy is growing up fast, but he's getting cuter as he grows... =)
    Here's my first Mommy & Me Monday... hope you can drop by...


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